DCKM is owned and operated by David L. Quintana, Chief Instructor. David holds the rank of 2nd-degree black belt in IPP Krav Maga and has received both Instructor and Defensive Tactics training in this discipline. David also has extensive training in Wrestling, Wushu Kung Fu, Shaolin Kung Fu, FMA (Filipino Martial Arts), Jiu Jitsu, and Taekwondo. David spent 4 years active duty and 4 years active reserve in the U.S. Navy. His first deployment was at NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where he served on a Ground Defense Force (GDF) that trained in Marine Corps tactics and weapons.  The GDF was comprised of naval personnel tasked with helping to defend the Naval Air Station.


David desires to help others improve their fitness while teaching defensive techniques that will enable them to become proficient at defending themselves and their loved ones in all forms of conflict resolution regardless if verbal, weapon based, on-your-feet, or ground fighting. TRAINING AT DCKM is also focused on developing the student’s fitness level, such as flexibility, balance, stamina, strength, agility, coordination, endurance, and speed.  An increased level of fitness will enable the student to adequately execute the techniques they have learned. Students are encouraged to work on their fitness level outside of class, however, every training session will provide ample opportunities for the students to develop in this respect. Training will cover situational awareness to develop an understanding of one’s surroundings, learning to understand the psychology of a street confrontation, and how to identify potential threats before an attack occurs.

DCKM’s goal for all students is to maximize their street survival skills and performance under the real-life stress of violence. Training starts slowly and precisely (slow equals smooth, smooth equals fast) so that the tactics and techniques become instinctual whereby the student can use his/her gross motor movements, while under the duress of an attack. 

“Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it." 


At DCKM, we follow this proverb whole-heartedly! The curriculum at DCKM is a conglomeration of techniques passed down to the Owner, and Chief Instructor by other Black Belts in Krav Maga, and affiliated Krav Maga schools, plus Masters in specific Martial-Arts systems. Extensive knowledge and experience went into the creation of the curriculum which works to maximize the student’s street survival skills. We at DCKM are always thinking outside the box, collaborating and innovating to bring simpler and faster techniques (based on our principles) to equip the student with the necessary tools to survive a confrontation. Not only that, but students will be reminded about the legal and illegal ramifications of executing a defensive technique. Most techniques have soft or hard variations. The circumstance of the confrontation will dictate which variation to use.